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About Lipotropic Injections

Are you looking for a complimentary approach to your diet and exercise regimen to facilitate weight loss? Lipotropic injections at Serenity Med Spa are supplement injections used to aid in weight loss. In fact, a lipotropic nutrient is any substance that affects fat metabolism in the body. Lipotropic injections include a cocktail of weight-loss promoting agents, such as vitamin B12.

To schedule a consult or an appointment for Lipotropic Injections, please contact our Nurse Injection Specialist, Crystal at 864.603.3008

On the Scales

Lipotropic Injections FAQ's

What are Lipotropic Injections?

Lipotropic injections are made up of a combination of several weight-loss supporting nutrients. Vitamin B12 is the most common of these nutrients, but other essential nutrients are used as well. For example, other B vitamins, carnitine, choline, and inositol are also used in lipotropic injections. These injections are usually given in the arm or another area containing more subcutaneous fat, such as the thigh, abdomen, or buttocks.

How long does it take for the injections to work?

On a biological level, the vitamins and nutrients found in lipotropic injections are absorbed quickly. However, it may take a while to notice their weight-loss effects. Whether you are following a diet and exercising will affect how long it takes for your lipotropic injections to work. Your body mass index (BMI) at the start of treatment will also affect how quickly you see results from lipotropic injections.

How often should I receive Lipotropic Injections?

How often you should get a lipotropic injection depends on the ingredients in the injection. Some ingredients shouldn’t be taken too frequently. That is why each weight loss clinic may follow a different protocol for the scheduling of lipotropic injections. In some clinics, people receive lipotropic injections once a week, while other clinics suggest more frequent injections. This is something that you are your provider will decide before you begin receiving treatments.

How do I receive the best results?

Lipotropic Injections will not work alone. To achieve best results from your Lipotropic Injections, it is recommended to maintain a balanced lifestyle with a healthy diet and regular exercise. 

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