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Glowbiotics MD Peel

It is GLOWBIOTICS’ philosophy of avoiding injury to stimulate the regeneration of healthier, youthful skin. As a pioneer in topical probiotics, GLOWBIOTICS Clinical Probiotic Treatments combine traditionally known Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids (AHA & BHA) and other trademark professional ingredients with the probiotics. The result of these revolutionary professional treatments offers a painless chemical peel experience for patients and instead, provide solutions for common skin challenges.

To schedule your Glowbiotics MD Peel, please contact our Aesthetician, Melissa at 864.356.3762

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Glowbiotics MD Peel FAQ's

How do probiotic derived bioactives work?

The body has learned over time which bacteria strains are good and bad. Since PDBs are derived from friendly bacteria, they are readily accepted by immune cells within the skin, gently stimulating a cascade of skin repair processes, including collagen production. Without triggering an inflammatory response that is typical of most chemical peels, excessive peeling, redness and irritation are not typical of these probiotic clinical treatments.

What skin concerns do Glowbiotics MD Peels treat?

Acne, Rosacea & redness-prone skin, Sensitive skin, Accelerated skin aging, sagging & wrinkles, Unwanted dark pigment & Melasma, Dull or lackluster complexion, Hormonally-driven skin challenges.

What can I expect after my peel?

The skin may be more sensitive during the procedure and sensitivity may be experience up to five days post procedure. Immediately after the treatment, the skin will appear healthier with a rosy glow and feel tighter. These are very bioactive treatments that may induce a purging effect depending on the real time condition of your skin. While there is virtually no downtime, some patients with acne or more toxic skin may experience a breakout or 2-7 days of a bumpy, rash-like appearance*. This is a healthy process and simply means that the skin is pushing out toxins while generating new collagen. After this process subsides, the skin looks and feels healthier. 
*If rash worsens, contact your skin care professional immediately.

How long do results last?

Individual’s results depend on effective preparation, maintenance, and consistency of a home care regimen before and after these procedures. The use of GLOWBIOTICS skin care products at home will absolutely provide a better foundation to accept these peels. Additionally, when using GLOWBIOTICS skin care products before the procedure, the patient will experience faster heal times and the skin will be in better working condition overall, resulting in better clinical outcomes of these probiotic peels.

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